The Center for Integrative Leading was founded on one aspiring principal..

That when leadership transforms to truly put people first, we will transform lives, strengthen families and communities, and become better stewards of our home and all other living beings on planet Earth.

The Center for Integrative Leading teaches, provides resources, models, trains, and empowers leaders of today and tomorrow to lead change in organizations by being better and treating each other better; where people’s gifts and talents are fully expressed in their work, their voice is heard, ideas and feedback fuels new innovation and taking responsibility for the impact on people, community, and planet come first. We evolve to trust prosperity will be richer because we put the most important thing first… enriching life on planet Earth.

“If you want a harvest in a year, grow a crop…


If you want a harvest in ten years, grow a tree…


If you want a harvest that will last for a lifetime, grow people.”


– Chinese Proverb

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Kim serves leaders to elevate the productivity of people – transforming how they lead change, courageously lead people, and become masters of communication.


Highly regarded by organizations undertaking their most important initiatives, Kim helps leaders deliver business-critical change. She counsels leaders to fully maximize the potential of people and to ignite their organization through the power of communication.


Kim is a sought-after speaker, #1 international best-selling author, and CEO/Founder of the Center for Integrative Leading, a Colorado-based consultancy. She cherishes life at her ranch with her husband, where they care for rescued animals and grow most of their own organic food.

“The Center for Integrative Leading is on a mission to transform how organizations lead change, and how people inside those organizations are impacted by the quality of transforming leaders.”

-Kim Hill Cruz
Founder and CEO, Center for Integrative Leading

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